• Image of Birthright "Adherence"

After years of relative dormancy, Birthright resurfaces with the first full-length offering, "Adherence". Exploring the unwavering support people grant to systems and doctrines that have betrayed them, this collection of ambient power electronics offers both ridicule and empathy for commitment to ideals that acolytes of politic and faith perform in the face of systemic and personal failure. MF-XVII-i. Cassette, 11 tracks, 36 minutes.

Available in two versions:
-Standard Edition: Four-panel A5, hand-numbered edition of 72 copies **this version**
-Devotional Edition: Box set featuring a clear, square 7" lathe containing two additional songs and a 20-page booklet of lyrics and art, hand-numbered edition of 18.

Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/monastery_fortress/birthright-adherence